Network Marketing Industry

I have been asked this question numerous time in my career with network marketing. And I am a good person to ask as I have been in and out of the industry for years…but always a fan! So..the “Network Marketing Industry”- Good or Bad? Let’s analyze it.

The Industry

Good – The industry itself is very solid. Throughout the planet there are over 100 countries with companies selling products using network marketing as a business strategy. The “Networking Marketing Industry” – Good or Bad?

According to the Direct Sellers Association in 2006 this has resulted in over 56 million people producing over 100 million dollars in sales annually. Combine this with an industry realizing a 90% growth rate in the last 10 years we are not talking about a new industry here. Obviously network marketing companies are seeing success.

Bad – Has a bad reputation because of the large amount of people who have not had success as an independent representative with their own MLM business. Most of this bad news can be attributed back to the pioneer of network marketing – Amway. But let’s face it…Amway has produced more millionaires than any other company in the world….and changed the lives of numerous others by giving them an opportunity to realize success they might never had before. And that is what all network marketing companies do. So…if there is so much success why is there such a continuous bad reputation.

Let’s analyze this…these companies are not get rich quick schemes. All Network Marketing companies require due diligence on a system over a period of time. Human nature and our need for a quick buck creates real false expectations. And this is where the myth grows…because we as humans in North America never want to admit that our failures might be our own fault we blame the company and the industry.

Well…if we take all biasness aside and analyze this in a mature way we must come to the conclusion that all the network marketing industry is…is a different way to distribute products. Walmart distributes their products differently too well as lawyers and doctors. We just need to look beyond the emotion to accept the network marketing industry as Good.